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Is it Slowing You Down?

Virus Removal can help in speeding up your computer, because malicious software may be the cause of your problems that are slowing it down. This malicious software can be in the form of a Virus, Adware or Spyware. We have found more and more Mac's being infected and know there is great software to remove them from your Mac.

 Most people are not aware of the differences, or the fact that they are responsible for poor computer performance, or even complete failure.

This is reason enough for anyone to want them out of their computer. We can help with Virus and Spyware Removal on 0428 422 010 and give you some helpful tips to keep them away.

A Virus is a program that is installed onto your computer without you knowing it. This can cause your computer to slow down, stop working, it may in some circumstances cause you to lose data. We have seen viruses create several copies of themselves and run them in different locations.

  Most people don’t even know they have one until their computer starts to run slowly

Some serious viruses will infect your entire network and bypass your security to quickly infect other computers in that network. Virus Removal can not only save your computer but your whole network.

Mobile Computer Services can perform Virus Removal Onsite at your Business, or your Residence for fast computer repairs. Call 0428 422 010

Virus Removal

Spyware and Adware are different in that they do not make copies of themselves and spread, however they will slow down your computer and spy on you by sending your data across the internet.

 The task of cleaning a computer of these spies becomes much more complicated, because these programs have learned to evolve and find more places to hide.

Our experience has shown us, we need many different techniques to clean these threats thoroughly. They have evolved to become much smarter and harder to remove.

Realising how it happened, so you can stop it coming back, is just as important as removing the Virus.


Adware is usually installed when you download or install a Free Program. Everything has a cost. They rely on their built-in advertising to generate sales for themselves

Adware is not as intrusive or as dangerous to your computer and data, it is mainly very annoying with the constant barrage of pop-ups and advertising that you get.

 Regardless of the Antivirus program you have, none of them can fully guard you from unsafe practices and websites, due to the evolving nature of these viruses.


If you need help with Virus Removal Call Us on

0428 422 010  Or use our Contact Us form for an onsite service request.

Eugene Kaspersky, Head of Kaspersky Lab Virus Research talking about the Anti-Virus Industry and its Problems. The Internet Today is a Breeding Ground for Criminal Activity.

Problem #1
The number and variety of malicious programs is increasing year on year

Problem #2
Today, malicious programs propagate so quickly

Problem #3
Deleting malicious code detected on the victim machine

Problem #4
Unfortunately, the issue of resource usage is almost insoluble

Problem #5
Incompatibility between antivirus programs is an issue


A computer, Mac or Windows that is connected to the Internet, can be safe, or it can be unsafe. Information is the key to survival and can protect you from unpleasant consequences. Happy surfing!


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