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Here are a few simple Laptop Computer Tips for keeping your laptop in good shape and to keep your Battery Going For Longer. Here are some simple tips that should help you get the most from your laptop's battery


1. Adjust Your Screens Brightness

Adjust your laptop's screen brightness to the lowest level you can use. Even the dimmest setting in the latest laptop models is good enough for natural daytime and most indoor lighting.

If you are working where it is too bright for you to see the laptop's display, try to find an alternative place with lower brightness directly on your screen.


2. Reduce Your Screens Resolution

Try to reduce your laptop's resolution to its minimum possible setting. This is handy when working with word processing software.  An 800 x 600 laptop screen setting should work fine.

3. Try To Discharge The Battery Periodically

Discharging the battery or letting it run down once every week, helps extend its life. There is no need to fully discharge the battery, especially the more modern Li-ion battery.

Run the battery down to about 20% power before plugging it in to charge, this can extend the battery life.


4. Have As Much RAM As Possible

Have as much Random Access Memory or RAM as you can afford. This reduces the need for the hard disk to provide the virtual memory or page file required to run many software applications.

If you currently have a small storage capacity in RAM. E.G. 1 GB or less, there will be more reading and writing between the RAM and the hard disk. This requires much more electrical energy to do.


5. Clean The Battery Contacts

Remove the laptop's battery, once every 6 months to clean the contacts. Well cleaned battery terminals will make electrical flow easier, less energy will be required to transfer that electricity from the battery to the different parts of the laptop.


6. Try To Use A Single Application

If practical use only one software application at a time. Two or more open applications running will require more resources, to power and maintain those separate running applications.

7. Plan Your Task

Jot down or outline your task before turning on the laptop. Having a clear plan on what you are going to write will require less time using the laptop so you will get to extend the life of the battery.


8. Turn Off Your Wi-Fi

This is a great Computer or Phone Help Tip, if you don't need to use the internet. Your laptop or phone will continuously scan for signals when the Wi-Fi adapter is switched on.

This is usually turned off by pressing the function (Fn) button and the Wi-Fi signal symbol found in the first row of your keyboard. Learn how to do this simple task it will save lots of battery power.


9. Check The Power Settings

In the power settings you can make sure your laptops hard drive turns off AFTER it is scheduled to go to sleep and not before. Also use the dim screen settings in power options this can save your batteries power.


10. Keep Your Laptop Vents Free.

Make sure you don’t block the holes in the bottom of your Laptop, for example in bed or on any type of material that blocks the fan drawing in air. Restricting this flow will heat up your laptop fast and reduce its life significantly. Your fan will try to spin faster to reduce heat.

Please keep all liquid away from your laptop it can be drawn up into it or drip down thru it, then you will need computer help.

Smoking around any computer can cause issues because the smoke is drawn into it and can coat the internal parts causing premature failure.

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